About Ioana Catalina E. Photography

I am a passionate photographer in love with nature and adventure.

Passion for photography came so naturally to me during my younger years that I had never paid attention to this growing hobby that today has become such an important part of my life. There are some concrete reasons why photography conquered my heart. While I see this world so beautiful and mysterious, I’ve also had a desire to share my admiration and show others what I feel about everything that surrounds us.

First time I started using a camera it was in 2003, as a child I was taking photos of my dog with the family camera which was on film. One year later I bought my own digital camera that seemed like a miracle for me, not to be limited to only 24-36 photos on film. After a while, I developed a passion for dog shows and I became a dog show photographer which was my first serious 'job' in photography.

From photo sessions, christening, weddings, product photography to traveling, landscapes, cityscapes and dancing events, I've covered over the years a wide range of photography fields. In 2007 I upgraded to a semi-professional camera, since 2009 I’ve owned DSLRs and in 2018 I added mirrorless to my collection!
About me
As you can probably guess, I love life and admire the world around us a lot. As a child, I’ve had my own universe, spending time alone, day dreaming most of the time and watching documentaries on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. I could not stop admiring nature and the Earth’s beauties, hoping that one day I will be that explorer from Animal Planet going on the adventure. Even though things didn’t go quite like that, I am seeing all my dreams coming true, one by one. Along the years I’ve discovered other passions and hobbies as well, just more ways of blessing and cherishing life. Anything that implies nature, animals, outdoors, dancing, traveling and exploring new places, I will try to be part of it, acknowledging and, probably taking a picture.

Since I started traveling, exploring new places and also be present at many Brazilian Zouk dance festivals, my photography portfolio has grown enormously in the past few years. In 2019 I decided to expose all my albums with the best pictures on a website I proudly created wwww.ioanacatalina.com. One year later, in 2020, I added this online shop which made possible after so many years, to finally sell prints with my photography.

The pictures I listed for print here are a small part of my full portfolio. In case I took some photos of you in a photo session, dance event, trip or hike or you just find online a photograph that you would like to have as print, don‘t hesitate to send me a message and I will try to make it available on this website.

Below I listed more links to my photography accounts:

Ioana Catalina E. Photography
Ioana Catalina E. Brazilian Zouk